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5. Lifelong Development at Radboud Academy

In March 2020, a new, ambitious programme was launched to promote lifelong development at the university: Radboud Academy, which offers (interdisciplinary) postgraduate education. It equips graduates with additional tools to help them respond to a changing and complex world, and the training promotes a lasting, meaningful contribution to society.

Radboud Academy focuses on continued academic education for highly educated professionals and other interested parties. The educational offerings for a broader public partly fill the gap that arose after the higher education for senior citizens (HOVO) programme in Nijmegen was dissolved this year. 

In the new Radboud Academy, cooperation is the keyword, both internally and externally. For example, the direction is set by a board with representatives from all faculties, and all educational activities are developed together with professors and lecturers. Furthermore, VSNU contributes to the positioning of universities in relation to lifelong development. “Active learning and learning on the job are coming closer and closer together,” says programme director Liesbet Korebrits. “We face the challenge of facilitating a lifelong learning process.” 

One of the first achievements was the development of the six-day Young Professional Programme. In this interdisciplinary offering, 14 young alumni immersed themselves in topics like the translation of scientific knowledge into professional skills such as network maintenance, project management and personal leadership. Claire Coppens, a Labour & Organisational Psychology graduate, is enthusiastic about her participation: “It was very inspiring to explore personal topics together. You can learn so much from each other that way.”

Radboud Academy collaborates with numerous organisations and companies, including InScience, The Economic Board, 8RHK Ambassadors, provinces and municipalities. “In this way, we can make an even better match between the rich offerings on campus and the learning needs that exist on the job market,” says Korebrits. That cuts both ways because participating organisations can also benefit from the programme. Kim Hoeks, strategy and external relations adviser at the municipality of Nijmegen, has been involved in the programme from the start: “The young professionals also gave me new insights into my daily consulting work.”

‘We face the challenge of facilitating a lifelong learning process’

- Liesbet Korebrits