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Social Impact

If there was one year in which scientific knowledge was of value to society, it was 2020. Not only because of the research that ultimately made the COVID-19 vaccines possible, but also because of the social contributions of students and staff members. 

Key Figures

In 2020, students and employees also made an effort to be of significance to society. Section 1 highlights a few initiatives, plus a selection of our appearances in the media.

The research Radboud scientists do can make a difference to society. Section 2 gives some examples in which the university also manifests itself as an entrepreneurial university.

In 2020, the university continued its efforts to create impact with knowledge, contributions to policy, and setting up a stage for lectures at Nieuwspoort in The Hague. See Section 3, which includes a selection of popular science books based on recent insights.

The university wants to be significant, where possible together with partners. In 2020, new collaborations began and existing relationships deepened. Read more on this in Section 4.