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3. Other developments in the organisation

2022 Policy Letter

From 2022 until 2026, Radboud University will spend more than it will earn. According to the 2022 Policy Letter, the university’s results will be considerably in the red. The Executive Board wants to put additional work into reducing workload this way. Suzanne Boelens, Corporate Controller: “I think this is a courageous choice that responds to the signal that the workload has been extremely high for some time.”

Dutch universities will gradually receive more government contributions over the next few years as a result of the increasing student numbers. Boelens: “Starting in 2022, we will already be investing €24 million annually while the government will only start giving us that money in 2026. This will be at the expense of our reserves because the additional funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has been capped at over €11 million in 2022. It will provide us with a unique opportunity to address workload sooner.”