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6. Knowledge security

Radboud University aims to embed knowledge security (policies) more explicitly within the organisation. The aim is to allow international collaboration to take place safely, taking into account both the opportunities and risks involved.

To gain an understanding of the state of knowledge security, risks and resilience, an initial exploratory survey was conducted in four departments. The vulnerability analysis method was used as a guideline. The research focused on making an inventory of Radboud University’s core interests and determining whether these interests are sufficiently protected and what measures/actions are required.

In addition, an approach was defined to embed knowledge security more explicitly at Radboud University. The current situation will be mapped out using the Knowledge Security framework from the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) and the National Guideline for Knowledge Security. The implications of these frameworks for our organisation, education and research will be examined. A proposal will be made for the design of the organisational structure and the governance/decision-making structure regarding the type of collaboration and/or knowledge security risk advice or agreement that is required – including at which level. The creation of the necessary preconditions, the provision of information, an awareness campaign and the embedding of knowledge security in the risk management policy and processes of Radboud University are also on the agenda.

In this way, Radboud University is working towards an institutional embedding of knowledge security in 2023, with 2022 being a transition year.

The assignment is being carried out by a broad-based knowledge security programme group. During the transition phase, the programme group will be the first point of contact for knowledge security and will discuss any knowledge security issues that arise. This task will be taken over by the permanent organisation once it is set up.