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3. Our sustainability programme

At the request of Radboud university medical center and Radboud University, Sustainalize conducted a ‘materiality analysis’. This was done to gain insight into the topics that – based on expert research and according to our stakeholders – are important to tackle first in the joint sustainability policy for 2021–2025. This analysis resulted in 11 material themes for Radboud University:

  1. Social impact of research

  2. Sustainable buildings

  3. Waste and circularity

  4. Healthy and vital staff

  5. Inclusive culture

  6. Sustainable procurement

  7. Energy management

  8. Sustainable mobility

  9. Student well-being

  10. Sustainable catering

  11. Sustainability integrated in education

A survey of internal management and external and internal stakeholders was used to prioritise these themes. The stakeholder groups were also invited to a stakeholder dialogue to discuss the outcomes in more detail. This provided an understanding of the underlying expectations and needs.

All 11 themes are included in the sustainability programme and are linked to objectives and activities. Which themes are given priority is decided periodically in consultation with the Executive Board and the Sustainability Programme Board. In addition, a joint implementation programme has been established with Radboud university medical center regarding the material themes.

One goal of the sustainability programme is to report better and more transparently about our impact on social and environmental goals. The way we will operationalise and measure our sustainability goals is still under development.

A sustainability dashboard that will show information for each material theme is expected to be ready in 2022. From then on, this report will include an explanation of the most important goals and our progress in achieving them (quantified where possible). This is in line with the recent European Commission proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

To summarise the attention paid to these sustainability themes in the Annual Report:

Material topics

Reference in the report

Sustainability in research

Research for a more sustainable world

Sustainability in education

Education for a more sustainable world

Healthy and vital staff

Our people > Focus on staff well-being

Diversity and inclusion

Our people > Diversity and inclusion

Sustainable buildings

Sustainability on campus

Making an impact together


Waste and circularity

Sustainability on campus

Sustainable procurement

Sustainability on campus

Energy management

Sustainability on campus

Sustainable mobility

Sustainability on campus

Student well-being

Our people > Our focus on student well-being

Sustainable catering

Sustainability on campus