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Inspiration and Challenges for Students and Staff Members

Radboud University wants to be an inclusive university where staff and students inspire and challenge each other, and we invest in the continuous development of staff and students. Our core leadership values – courage, connection and openness – were put to the test in 2020.

Key Figures

In this pandemic year, the university did everything in its power to keep studies and work going. This often required quick adjustments and improvisation. Section 1 describes the care and attention given to staff members, including progress in implementing the HR policy and a focus on the experienced workload.

Section 2 outlines the focus on students, with an overview of actions taken to support each other and help those in need, something that was also shared by the university.

Based on its roots in the emancipation movement, the university has a keen eye for divisions and inclusion in society. On our own campus, there is a continued focus on enabling everyone to participate. Section 3 describes the steps being taken towards a more diverse campus.

Taking care of each other: this core value was in the spotlight in 2020. The university emphasises the importance of working together to create a safe study and work environment. The fact that this is not always obvious became apparent after signs of an unsafe work situation arose in a faculty. The measures the university has taken to create a socially safe campus are described in Section 4.