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How Radboud University is Significant

Radboud University wants to be significant to its students, staff and the world around it. In our annual report, we explain how we achieve this goal. We clarify this in Section 1 with a value creation model, which shows the resources and activities we use to work towards our strategic goals.

We want to be significant to our students, staff and the world around us.

Our broad array of scientific disciplines lends strength to our ambition to contribute to social issues ranging from health, well-being and climate to culture, safety and design of the community. In Section 2, we will focus on our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We express our enduring commitment to society, in the Netherlands and beyond, through various networks. We realise our ambition to be meaningful for and with the people and organisations with whom we are connected: our stakeholders. These are first and foremost our 24,104 students and 5,603 staff (FTE), and secondly our network of external partners, which is discussed in Section 3.