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5. Social safety on campus

Social safety was high on the agenda at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies after reports of inappropriate behaviour in 2020. This prompted the start of a culture project with consultancy firm TwynstraGudde in early 2021, in which faculty staff discussed the issue with each other. These discussions resulted in a report with many concrete recommendations for the future. The faculty is now working on implementing them. Not only are clear agreements and procedures being put in place, but also training and an ongoing dialogue. Dean Heleen Murre-van den Berg: “This could be about small things, the jokes you make or the way you give feedback, or about bias in the appointment of new people. Are we looking widely enough?”

This year, a lot of work was done on a new code of conduct for employees that includes three regulations: on personal relationships in the workplace, on social media, and on alcohol and drug use. Following objections from the participational bodies, this code of conduct has not yet entered into force and discussions are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Complaints Regulations regarding Undesirable Behaviour remain in force. It includes (sexual) intimidation, bullying and discrimination in work or study situations. A completely external Complaints Committee handles complaints. A network of confidential advisors (for both students and staff) is available to answer questions about matters including conflicts and behaviour.

Radboud University appointed an ombudsperson as of 1 January 2022. Nancy Viellevoye is the first person in this new role and will contribute to creating a healthy and safe working environment at the university and increasing learning capacity in the organisation. The ombudsperson is impartial and complements the existing support structure, such as the confidential advisors and HR. Whereas the confidential advisor supports an individual reporter, the ombudsperson advises on underlying improvements that go beyond the individual report. The ombudsperson and confidential advisor will refer matters to each other if necessary.

Confidential advisors

The Confidential Advisors team compiles the Radboud University Confidential Advisors’ Annual Report. The annual report is submitted to the Executive Board, who discusses it in confidence with the representative bodies.




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  • 1 De vertrouwenspersonen promovendi zijn nieuw ingesteld in 2021.