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2. Research for a Sustainable World

In 2020, many projects were started or advanced in the field of climate, circularity and other sustainability topics (see the overview on the Radboud Sustainable website). For example, the Centre Connecting Humans and Nature at the Institute for Science and Society (Faculty of Science) started the Horizon2020 project EnviroCitizen: Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship. And Jeroen Smits, Professor of Comparative Economic and Human Development, is making a dataset available that will map international progress on the SDGs.

The Environmental Science department (FNWI) made its mark with several publications in Nature about energy and biodiversity. The Faculty of Law appointed Professor Seraina Grünewald, who will focus on green finance, among other things. Green IT, a collaboration within the FNWI, scored with two publications in Science: one about energy-efficient data storage and another about the use of software to make IT and other processes more energy efficient. Methodologist Vincent de Gooyert (Nijmegen School of Management) contributed with a publication on the use of gas as a ‘transition fuel’ between fossil fuel and renewable energy. At the same faculty, Jan Schmitz published about economic instruments to encourage citizens and consumers to save energy.

Finally, the research group led by Hans van Kranenburg (Nijmegen School of Management) – in collaboration with Alliander and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) – has started developing the Ganzenbord van de Nederlandse Energietransitie (Dutch energy transition) game. The game is aimed at both schoolchildren and the business community. “Everyone can see that an energy transition is required,” says Van Kranenburg. “But the question is: how should companies tackle it? The transition must be feasible, not only environmentally, but also socially and economically. Using the game, we seek to help companies develop new business models.”