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Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge with Research

Radboud University strives to conduct research of high scientific and internationally recognised quality, in order to expand the frontiers of knowledge together with others. To achieve this, it is important to create the right conditions in policy, organisation and culture. 

Key Figures

To reinforce its responsibility to create a healthy free world with equal opportunities, the university wants to be a research leader, especially in its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The wide range of scientific disciplines and the opportunities for interdisciplinary research (Section 1) offer excellent opportunities for this. Our responsibility to society (Section 2) was further fulfilled in 2020 by research that contributes to a healthy living environment and to people’s health (Section 3), with a strong focus on research related to COVID-19.

A strong focus on research related to COVID-19

The international repercussions of our research in 2020 were underscored by a new milestone: 62% of the publications by Radboud researchers were the result of international collaboration, more than ever before. National and international collaboration took shape with a series of new initiatives (Section 4). Finally, we will illustrate the leading (international) position of our research with an overview of awarded grants and some notable publications (Section 5).

62% of publications by Radboud researchers involved international collaboration