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A Sustainable Campus that Invites Encounters

Having a campus that invites people to study, meet and collaborate: that goal was part of the university’s strategic plan published in 2020. Although the government announced measures that restricted studying and meeting on campus from March onwards, every effort was made to continue achieving that goal.

Key Figures

In line with the strategy, the campus features a series of iconic buildings, the newer ones of which have a distinctive architecture. Section 1 below offers a glimpse of the construction activities and stricter building criteria: new buildings will be of high quality, energy neutral and circular. One such building – the Maria Montessori building (Faculty of Social Sciences) – was completed in 2020. In addition, the Erasmus building received a new entrance and foyer. Sustainable, smart and innovative use of space also looks at the use per student and staff member in square metres. 

The university wants to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. That begins on our own grounds: we aspire towards a green and healthy campus with a positive impact in terms of climate and creating a circular economy. This requires an environment in which pedestrians and cyclists can move around easily on clearly marked paths and walkways. Section 2 outlines the sustainable steps taken in 2020.

The ambition to have a campus where everyone can feel at home, can develop themselves and enjoys coming back creates obligations. Section 3 discussed the safe campus, both socially and digitally.